3000 Pulses: Surviving Depression with TMS

“As a senior-level New York advertising executive for 25 years living

what appeared to be a perfect life, no one could have been more surprised than I to land in a psychiatric ward after a suicide attempt. 3,000 Pulses is a memoir about my struggle with depression, ineffective medications, and my remarkable recovery with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy. It works. I’m alive, happy, and I’m here to tell the story.”

Patient Advocate Martha Rhodes wrote 3,000 Pulses: Surviving Depression with TMS with contributions by Randy Ian Pardell, MD DFAPA, to help the millions who suffer from depression find a safe, medication-free therapy that has no side effects. Rhodes and Pardell have been featured on ABC TV, Fox News, YNN, and The Daily Buzz.






Check out the Excerpt on the following  link : http://www.3000pulses.com/3000pulses.com/Excerpt_from_3,000_Pulses.html

Its a must Read!!!


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